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    Grade 3 Choice Board

    National PTA: Third Grade Parent's Guide to Student Success


    Unit 1---Multiple Perspectives

    Unit 2---Making a Difference

    Unit 3---Stories Worth Telling Again and Again

    Unit 4---Inspiration and Discovery 


    Third Grade Math

    Unit 1---Number Sense

    Unit 2---Problem Solving with Units of Measure

    Unit 3---Multiplication and Division 2-5 and 10

    Unit 4---Multiplication and Division 0, 1, 6-9, and 10s

    Unit 5---Multiplication and Area

    Unit 6---Fractions on the Number Line

    Unit 7---Collecting and Displaying Data

    Unit 8---Geometry and Measurement Word Problems 


    Math Third Grade Accelerated

    Unit 1---Number Sense and Time

    Unit 2---Adding and Subtracting

    Unit 3---Place Value

    Unit 4---Multiplication and Division Part 1

    Unit 5---Fractions and Graphing

    Unit 6---Measurement

    Unit 7---Area and Perimeter

    Unit 8---Geometry

    Unit 9---Multiplication and Division Part 2

    Unit 10---Fractions Part 2

    Unit 11---Measurement and Geometry