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    Below is a link to a presentation for parents of students who will be kindergartners in the fall of 2023. If you know of a family that does not have a current Owl at Owen, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share the link with them.
    Thank you
    Owen Kdg. Parent Presentation 2023-24

    Please use the following attachment in the event of an "E-Learning Day" due to inclement weather

    Snow Day Bingo Board

    Owen Kdg. Parent Presentation 2023-24

    Kindergarten Information Sheet 23-24

    National PTA: Kindergarten Parents' Guide to Student Success


    Unit 1--- I Need Words to Communicate

    Unit 2---Celebrate You and Me

    Unit 3---Order Makes Sense

    Unit 4---Information Exploration



     Unit 1---Cardinality of Numbers 0-20

    Unit 2---Introduction to Shape Attributes, Shape Recognition, and Shape Categorization

     Unit 3---Representing Addition with Concrete Objects and Corresponding Symbols

    Unit 4---Representing Subtraction with Concrete Objects and Corresponding Symbols

    Unit 5---Representing Number Stories

    Unit 6---Missing Addends to Make 10

    Unit 7---Decomposing Teen Numbers

    Unit 8---Measuring and Graphing

    Unit 9---3-D Shapes