• To check on the status of your outstanding school fees, including textbook or library obligations, please go to Destiny Website and select Metea Valley High School.

    1. Click on the Login button in the far upper right corner of the page.
    2. Type your student computer login in the User Name text box. 
    3. Type your student password in the Password text box. (The student password is the same used for computer login, student email)
    4. Click Login.
    5. (NEW) Select "EXIT" on the far right of the blue ribbon.
    6. Select the My Info tab.
    7. Under Items Out you can view all Library and Textbooks that are currently checked out to your student ID number.
    8. Under Fines are your library, textbook and patron fees. Overdue and lost library books will be listed as LM and lost or damaged textbooks are listed as TB under “Reason”. Patron fines listed are outstanding fees for registration or class fees.
    9. Overdue library materials will show an estimated fine to date until the material is returned.
    10. Please note: this is an itemized list, the total due is the sum total of the itemized list.


    Seniors with outstanding fees will not be able to fully participate in graduation until all obligations are met. For questions, please contact the following regarding:


    • Textbook obligations,  Mrs Judy Johnson at 630.375.5907
    • LMC outstanding obligations, Mrs. Amy Madzinski at 630.375.8851 or amy_madzinski@ipsd.org