• Language Arts

    • Reading: learn to read and understand with a positive attitude 
    • Writing: learn to write everyday for a variety of authentic purposes using the 6 Traits of Writing Philosopy
    • Listening: listen, understand, and use oral messages
    • Speaking: express thoughts and ideas in an appropriate, meaningful manner
    • Convention/Structure: begin the use of language, particularly punctuation and capitalization 
    • Spelling: begin the use of developmentally appropriate spelling strategies


    • Number sense: Understand our number system by relating, counting, and grouping
    • Geometry: Describe, model, and classify shapes
    • Measurement: Explore measurement of length using a ruler; compare volumes and weights
    • Operations and computation: Model, explain, and develop reasonable proficiency with basic addition and subtraction facts; apply problem solving strategies
    • Patterns and relationships: Recognize, describe, extend, and create a wide variety of patterns
    • Probability and statistics: Collect, construct, and read information on a graph

    Social Studies

    • Content: study families, neighborhoods, and our country's history
    • Skills: use maps and develop cultural awareness

    Science & Health

    • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
    • Astronomy: introduction to the solar system
    • Earth Science: rocks to soil
    • Health: anatomy
    • Life Science: senses
    • Physical Science: color and light
    • Skills:
      • predict
      • observe
      • collect and record data
      • interpret
      • classify
      • draw conclusions

    Physical Education

    • Locomotor: Demonstrate run, gallop, hop, accent, horizontal jump, communication, slide, and skip.
    • Object Control: Demonstrate underhand roll, kick.
    • Physical Fitness: Develop flexibility.
    • Social Skills: Following directions, use and care for equipment, work as a team.
    • Body Management: Identify shapes, sizes, body planes, use of space, and general space. Demonstrate log roll and shoulder roll.