• Language Arts

    • Reading: read, comprehend, and appreciate written materials
    • Writing: be able to write persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive paragraphs using the 6 Traits of Writing Philosopy
    • Listening: listen and respond effectively to oral messages
    • Speaking: speak clearly and effectively on a topic
    • Convention/Structure: use correct grammar and mechanics in written work 
    • Spelling: use correct spelling by applying spelling patterns


    • Number sense: Understand place value of 3-digit numbers
    • Geometry: Label 3-dimensional shapes, polygons, lines, and point
    • Measurement: Tell time to the five minutes; count amounts of money up to $5.00; measure length to nearest inch, foot, yard, centimeter,meter; estimate length and weight using a benchmark; identify the correct weight measurement
    • Operations and computation: Add and subtract 3-digit numbers; know multiplication and division facts 0-9; apply problem solving strategies; estimate reasonable answers
    • Patterns and relationships: Understand patterns and relationships in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Probability and statistics: Make and read a graph; use probability to determine fairness of a game

    Social Studies

    • Content: study rural, urban, and suburban communities in the U.S.
    • Skills: develop citizenship, conduct research, and use maps and graphs

    Science & Health

    • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
    • Astronomy: moon
    • Earth Science: air
    • Health: bones and muscles
    • Life Science: people and animals
    • Physical Science: looking at liquids
    • Skills:
      - predict
      - observe
      - collect and record data
      - interpret
      - classify
      - draw conclusions

    Physical Education

    • Locomotor: Demonstrate horizontal and vertical jump.
    • Object Control: Demonstrate bounce/dribble, under and overhand throw, catch/fielding, and dribble (feet).
    • Physical Fitness: Develop leg strength, flexibility, abdominal strength, and posture.
    • Social Skills: Work as a team, deal with winning and losing, develop sportsmanship.
    • Body Management: Demonstrate shoulder roll, rope jump, tumbling, and inverted balances.