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  • Negotiated Agreements and other public documents 

    Note for Staff: The old staff site,, is still temporarily up. If you need a form or info that hasn't been uploaded to this site yet, and you know the old site has the correct/current version, you can grab it from there.

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    Please contact our team for immediate assistance and access to any forms or information.

    Wondering Who to Contact in HR?

    HR Fax Number: 630-375-3006 | HR General Email:  
    Carey Beth Harry Chief Human Resources Officer
    Sharon Ruff Director of Human Resources
    Gayatri Bandaru HR Generalist - NVHS and its feeders
    Yuneh Pemberton HR Generalist - MVHS and its feeders
    Timothy Sweder HR Generalist - WVHS and its feeders
    Renithea Williams-Donson HR Generalist - FMLA/Leaves/Workers' Comp
    Monique Pina HR Specialist - NVHS and its feeders
    Jennifer Jacobsen HR Specialist - MVHS and its feeders
    Tania Pacheco HR Specialist - WVHS and its feeders
    Margot Ramos HR Secretary
    Stephanie Kolzow HR Clerk
    Suzanne Alagna (7:30-12) CEC Receptionist (7:30 am - 12:00 pm)
    Olga Alvarez CEC Receptionist (12:00 pm - 4:30 pm)