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  • District 204's Portrait of a Graduate

  • Overview

    The district asked a diverse group of stakeholders to come together to identify the community’s aspirations for all students. The stakeholders included parents, teachers, students, business leaders, representatives from higher education, and area non-profits. Through a series of meetings, this group affirmed the value of rigorous academics, but also discussed the idea that today’s educational experience must be intentional about fostering the skills young people need to thrive in a complex, rapidly changing world. 

    The group identified six core competencies needed to succeed, no matter what path a student takes after graduation. The competencies include creativity and innovation, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, citizenship, flexibility and adaptability, and resilience. Once the core competencies were identified, a survey was done to gather feedback from the larger community. Ninety-one percent of survey respondents agreed with the core competencies. 

    The competencies were used to create District 204’s Portrait of a Graduate that serves as a visual to represent the work. Moving forward, the Portrait of a Graduate serves as a guide for the district to align its work with the community’s aspirations for all students.   


  • Design Team