GEN AI Belief Statement
  • During the 2023-2024 school year, the district assembled a task force of diverse stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for integrating Artificial Intelligence into our district.

    The Task Force: Why (Our Cause) 

    Our task force is dedicated to preparing our educational community for the unblocking of generative AI tools on student computers in the 24-25 school year. We aim to develop policies, build capacity, and foster readiness among educators and stakeholders to maximize the benefits of this transformative technology.  

    The Task Force: How (Our Approach)

    • Collaborative Working Groups: 
      • Harnessing Diverse Expertise
      • Building Capacity Through Collaboration
      • Gathering Continuous Feedback
    • Diverse Voices from Various Buildings, Levels, and Roles:
      • K-12 Classroom Teachers and Support Staff
      • HS, MS, ES Principals & Assistant Principals
      • Representatives from the district office 

    The Task Force: What (Our Outcomes)

    Four working groups focused on specific outcomes:

    • Building a Belief Statement and Guiding Principles
    • Building Professional Learning
    • Optimizing Student Learning through AI
    • Identifying Resources and Assessing the Impact on Future Learning 
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