• Graduation Requirements

    Under normal circumstances, a student will be expected to spend four years in meeting graduation requirements. In order to graduate, a student will be required to earn the following units of credit during his secondary school experience in grades 9-12. The overall school program fulfills the requirements of the State of Illinois, the recommendations and requirements of the North Central Association and the Illinois State Board of Education.

    District 204's graduation requirements should not be confused with nor considered as college admission requirements.

    Subject Credits
    English 4.0
    Mathematics 3.0
    Science 3.0
    Social Studies 2.5
    Consumer Education 0.5
    Physical Education 3.5
    Health 0.5
    Elective (Art, Music, World Language, Vocational Education, etc.) 1.0
    Basic Requirements Subtotal 18.0
    Additional Electives 6.0
    Total 24.0

    State and Federal Constitution Exam Requirements - Students must pass these exam requirements in social studies in order to graduate.

    Community Service Graduation Endorsement - Community Service is highly valued as a means of expanding and enriching the high school experience. District 204 students are strongly encouraged to seek service opportunities. While community service hours are not recorded on transcripts, students should provide this information to college admissions counselors and scholarship review committees through their application, personal statements/essays, and resumes.