Update on Neuqua Valley Threat

Reported by on 10/30/18

Update on Neuqua Valley Threat -- October 30, 2018, 3 pm

The following message was a follow-up phone call sent to Neuqua Valley High School parents this afternoon:

This is Neuqua Valley principal Bob McBride calling with an important message for parents. I want to follow-up to my earlier call about the potential threat made to our school today. Both campuses were thoroughly searched, including by canine units directed by the police, and no weapons or explosive devices were found. We expect school to open smoothly tomorrow and operate as normal. As an additional precaution, police officers will be present at school. Please remind your child to enter school using the normal doors. At main, those doors are 1, 22, 25 and 46. And at the Birkett Center, students should enter using doors 1 and 16.

The police are continuing to investigate in order to find the person responsible. If your child has any information, please encourage him or her to contact the Naperville Police.

Thank you for your continued support.