Updated 2021 Drop-off and Pick-up at Crone Middle School

Reported by on 8/16/21

Updated 2021 Drop-off and Pick-up at Crone Middle School

From 7:40-8:15 am, and 2:40-3:15 pm, the entrance to the Crone Parking Lot from 248th Street will be closed.

All cars must enter at the 111th Street entrance and exit at 248th Street. Please do not enter the parking lot during pick-up.

Parents can drop off in the morning, beginning at 7:45am.

Please do not arrive in the afternoon for pick up until 2:45pm.

Stay in the right lane and drop your child off against the curb next to the school. Pull as far forward as possible in the drop-off line and be aware of the impact you are having on the flow of traffic.

When picking up your child, please meet them between the main entrance and door 3.

The 2nd and 3rd lane are not to be used for students to enter or exit a vehicle, but for cars entering and leaving the line.

Note that there are crosswalks utilized by staff from the parking lot to the sidewalk in front of the school; please stop there when applicable.

Handicap parking spaces are not to be utilized for drop off. Legally, they are to be left vacant for use of vehicles with handicap identification only.

Be extra cautious exiting the parking lot during busy traffic times, and proceed slowly.

All buses will use the back parking lot - no cars are to enter the rear parking lot area at any time. As a reminder, masks must be worn on buses.