Information from Naperville Police (Updated)

Reported by on 9/22/21

The Naperville Police Department has informed us there is no longer an active situation impacting our schools, and we have returned to normal operations.

The Naperville Police have informed us that there is a police presence in the area of Washington and Redstart. As a result, the police have asked us to secure our building as a precaution only. We have secured our building under the guidance of the Naperville Police Department as a school impacted by the situation.

Please note that all of our students are safe and secure and there is no threat to our students or staff. The school day is taking place as normal with no interruption to our day. This is a precaution only. While our school is being secured, there will be no exit or entrance to the buildings.

We will let you know as soon as we have an update from the Naperville Police. Thank you.