Youth and Government State Assembly

Reported by on 3/22/22

Metea Valley's Youth and Government delegates had a successful weekend in Springfield.

From the Legislative side: All 6 bill groups had their bills pass the legislatures, signed by the Youth Governor and became youth law:

Mierra Freeman, Kayla Olson and Kaila Babar's bill dealt with juvenile court rights

Tanmay Varsni, Arjav Choski Nikunj Tyagi's bill dealt with welfare reform

Pinakin Kale, Aashy Soni & Krish Aggarwal's bill dealing with mandatory sentencing

Lauren Vertein, Amara Saleem, Naina Sarup and Isabell Mathew had their bill about Nursing Home Patients Bill of Rights

Sophia Wang and Nethra Yuvaraj's bill dealt with raising Amber alert age

The bill group of Pranavi Challonga, Sanjana Singh Rita Chintala and Sri Paidipelly had their bill about Motorcycle helmets passed, signed and also presented in front of the Supreme Court through Judicial Review and was found constitutional. A rare feat and journey for any bill!

Finally, Sai Bommesetty was the most influential lobbyists for his lobbying group.

On the Judicial side of Youth and Government, we had a record breaking, historic weekend for the Mustangs down in Springfield.

Not only did Nikhil Venkat serve as the Youth Chief Justice for the state of IL, but Zoe Williams was also elected for the 2022-2023 school year. Congratulations Zoe! We were invited by current Associate Justice David Overstreet to visit the IL Supreme Court in May to honor Nikhil and Zoe.

The following students won awards for their bench memos and oral arguments:

Nikhil Venkat and Neha Tokala
Sarah Rush and Sanjana Sivakumar
Shreya Jaisingh and Madeline Walbridge
Sahil Chari and Sridarsh Marupudi

Finally, the top attorneys from each case were selected to argue in "ThunderDome" the Superbowl for the attorneys! Two of the four pairs were again, from Metea: Nikhil Venkat/Neha Tokala and Sarah Rush/Sanjana Sivakumar represented the State Appellee and WON their case.

Congratulations to the entire Youth and Government delegation.