2nd Semester Final Exam Schedule

Reported by on 4/8/22

2022 Final Exam Schedule

1. DURING EXAMS: ALL classes, including Physical Education, will have a Final Exam and meet on the scheduled exam day. All exam periods are 95 minutes in length. Students are required to be on time for the exam. If a student arrives late, they may be sent to the Class House to study and will have to return at 1:15 p.m. for the Makeup Exam with the teacher.

2. Students are expected to take ALL exams during their scheduled time. If a student is ill on the day of the exam, parents should call the appropriate House to report the absence AND make contact with the teacher of the course to schedule a makeup exam.

3. Students are not required to be in attendance during their Lunch/Option period, however Quiet Study will be accommodated in several locations at Main and Birkett Freshman Center. Also, students will be expected to stay in their exam rooms for the entire exam period, even if they finish early. Students should bring other material to study to use their time wisely.

4. TRANSPORTATION: Morning buses will pick up and drop off students at school at the regular time. Buses will leave after the last test period of the day..

5. ATTENDANCE: NVHS strongly discourages pre-planned absences during exams. Parents requesting an extended absence which includes final exam week must first contact the student’s counselor via phone to discuss the potential absence. If the absence is still requested after that conversation, a written request must be submitted to the Principal. If approved, the student will receive a form signed by the administration to allow them to work with teachers to schedule their final exams.

Main Building
Friday May 27th

1st Period Exam 7:25- 9:00
2nd Period Exam 9:10 - 10:45
5th Period Exam 10:55 - 12:30

Tuesday May 31st
3rd Period Exam 7:25- 9:00
8th Period Exam 9:10 - 10:45
6th Period Exam 10:55 - 12:30

Wednesday June 1st
4th Period Exam 7:25- 9:00
7th Period Exam 9:10 - 10:45
Buses Depart 10:55

Birkett Freshman Center
Friday May 27th

1st Period Exam 7:20 - 8:55
2nd Period Exam 9:05 - 10:40
5th Period Exam 10:50 - 12:25

Tuesday May 31st
3rd Period Exam 7:20 - 8:55
8th Period Exam 9:05 - 10:40
6th Period Exam 10:50 - 12:25

Wednesday June 1st
4th Period Exam 7:20 - 8:55
7th Period Exam 9:05 - 10:40
Busses Depart 10:50