Student textbook and Chromebook collection

Reported by on 5/18/22

Students must return their Chromebooks, chargers, and textbooks to Wheatland starting the week of May 23rd. Please return all your materials only after you have completed your exams. Underclassman should also plan on returning their Chromebook/ charger, textbooks, and other school materials. Returning students will receive an updated Chromebook model this fall.

There is no need to have your items bagged or tagged. All materials were cataloged to you when they were distributed so they will be taken off of your account upon their return. Items not returned will be charged to the the student's Pushcoin account.

Students and parents are encouraged to check their PushCoin accounts to find out about any outstanding fees prior to checkout and Seniors are encouraged to check their Destiny account for any outstanding textbooks and library materials due to their home high school prior to checkout. All home school books, textbooks and library materials must be returned and/or any fines owed to the LMC must be paid before the student’s record can be cleared for graduation.

If you are curious to know what is on a student’s record, log in to Destiny and view what has been checked out to your student from their home high school and what, if any, fines are owed for overdue or lost materials. These can be paid at any time through the LMC. You do not need to wait until the end of the year to take care of this obligation. Some materials may have already matriculated over to Pushcoin. If there are obligations in Pushcoin, please take care of those through Pushcoin.

Please contact Julie Olson at or at 630-375-3378 with any questions.