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  • The Board of Education approves business and financial information at each regular board meeting. This information includes a listing of all bills paid by the board, approved procurement card purchases, monthly budget summaries and treasurer’s reports. These documents are also available at District’s BoardDocs website.

    To access Bill Lists, Procurement Card purchases, and Monthly Financial Information:

      1. Go to our BoardDocs site:
      2. Click on the “meetings” tab on the top menu.
      3. On the left side of the page, click on the board meeting for which you would like view business and financial information. Then click the “view the agenda” link in the middle of the page.
      4. On the left side of the page, search for the subheading “Approval of Business and Financial Items”. These are generally included as part of the “Consent Agenda and Superintendent Report”.
      5. Once you click on the agenda item, the detail of item will appear. This will include business and financial reports approved at meeting, which are available as .pdf documents.