• Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

    Parents have the right to request an independent education evaluation at public expense if the parent disagrees with the evaluative results obtained by IPSD 204. A parent is entitled, pursuant to federal law, only one independent educational evaluation at public expense each time the District conducts an evaluation with which the parent disagrees.

    Requests for an independent educational evaluation must be in writing and submitted to the Director or Assistant Director of Special Education assigned to each building. All requests will receive a written response that either grants or denies the request. If granted, a list of possible evaluators that the parent can choose from will be provided. If denied due to not meeting the IEE rule requirements (as outlined in the preceding paragraph) the reason for the denial will be outlined and a copy of the Procedural Safeguards will be enclosed. If the denial is due to the District’s position that the current evaluation is appropriate, the District will notify the parent that it is required by federal law to file a due process hearing request. Such request will be filed with the Illinois State Board of Education.

    After the independent educational evaluation is complete, the IEP team will reconvene to consider the results and make any necessary changes to the IEP.