• Medicaid

    If your child receives special education services and is also Medicaid eligible, Indian Prairie School District 204 is able to seek partial reimbursement from Medicaid for health services documented in your child’s Inpidualized Education Program (IEP).  Medicaid reimbursement is a source of federal funds approved by Congress to help school districts maintain and improve diagnostic and therapeutic services for students.

    The reimbursement process requires District 204 to provide Medicaid with your child’s name, birth date and Medicaid number.  Parental consent is required before this information is released. Federal law requires annual notification of our intent to pursue this reimbursement opportunity.

    If you object to the release of information to Medicaid, please communicate this to your building or special education administrator. 

    Regardless of your decision, the district must continue to provide, at no cost to you, the services listed in your child’s IEP.

    This program has no impact on your child’s or your family’s current or future Medicaid benefits.  Under federal law, participation in this program CANNOT:

    1. decrease lifetime coverage or any other public insurance benefit,
    2. result in the family paying for services that would otherwise be covered by Medicaid,
    3. increase your premiums or lead to discontinuation of benefits or insurance, or
    4. result in the loss of eligibility for home and community-based waivers.

    Your continued consent allows the district to recover a portion of the costs associated with providing health services to your child.