• Where To Go If You Have a Concern

    Generally speaking, questions or concerns should first be discussed with the staff member who is closest to the situation. It is always best to follow the chain of command to ensure that all parties involved are properly informed of the situation.

    Contact info for all school personnel is available at each school's website under Faculty & Staff.

    District contact info is available at our Administrative Offices page. Parents should expect a response from the staff person listed, or his or her designee, within one business day to discuss their concern.

  • Questions or Concerns

    The best place to direct questions and concerns is to the individuals directly involved and responsible, usually your teacher and/or principal. It is there that most problems can be quickly and productively resolved.

  • Chain of Command Chart, see text below

    See text below for a written version of this chart.

Chain of Command

  • A list of school staff members and contact information is available on each school’s website. Contact information for assistant superintendents and the superintendent is available here.

    District Concerns

    For district concerns, contact the appropriate administrator.