Fee Waivers for the Current School Year

  • The 2024-25 Fee Waiver application will be available on July 1

    The Board of Education of Indian Prairie School District 204 requires a separate application for a waiver of school fees (Check Policy 4:410 for board policy on waiver of student fees). Therefore, an Application for Fee Waiver needs to be completed. Note, if your child(ren) are DIRECTLY CERTIFIED through the National School Lunch Direct Certification process, student fees will automatically be waived. The application is available above, or you may request it from your school’s office. Note that full payment of instructional fees is expected and due by September 1st unless a payment plan is established.

    • Fees will be waived 100% for students with an approved Application for Fee Waiver on file prior to the final day of the first semester.
    • If a family experiences a change in household or income status, they may apply or re-apply for a fee waiver at any time throughout the year.
    • A family that is paid in full, but qualifies for a fee waiver after the start of the second semester under the above circumstance, will receive a refund of 50% of the waiver-eligible fees paid to date upon request.
    • Eligibility in one year does not guarantee future fee waiver eligibility; therefore the Application for Fee Waiver must be completed annually.

    Eligibility is effective the date the application is received by the Business Office. Any fees accumulated from past school years are still owed.

    If you need further information concerning waiver of school fees please contact the Fee Waiver Hotline at 630-375-3770 or email feewaivers@ipsd.org.

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