• During an Emergency

    Classroom Action Guide

    Indian Prairie School District utilizes standard language throughout the district for situations that may arise within our schools. It is helpful for parents/guardians to be aware of the terminology used in our Classroom Action Guide.

    ALICE! ALICE! ALICE!: a potentially violent intruder is present in a school

    Hold in Place and Teach: a situation INSIDE the building that requires immediate action for all to stay put. This is non-life threatening to the general population and school community. (Example: student or staff requires medical attention, and the halls need to be kept clear for first responders)

    Secure the Building and Teach: There is a hazard OUTSIDE of the building that requires all persons to remain inside the school. (Example: law enforcement responding to a neighborhood disturbance)

    Evacuation: There is an unsafe situation inside requiring everyone to exit the building. (Example: fire, chemical spill, gas leak)

    Severe Weather: Severe weather that has the potential of causing structural damage. Students are directed to a shelter location within the school.