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  • 2023-2024 Building Rental Information

    Important Files & Resources

    Applications are now being accepted from those groups wanting to use Indian Prairie School District facilities during the 2023-24 school year.

    2023-2024 Category Deadlines

    Deadlines for submitting your packet to the Building Rental Dept. by 3:30pm on:

    PTA Events (use modified PTA Building Use Application Form)

    • Wednesday, July 19, 2023

    Rental Groups requesting the same facilities, days of the week and times for which they were approved during the previous school year (2022-2023). *Please indicate your 22-23 RSVN# for reference and comparison.

    • Friday, July 28, 2023

    Rental Groups that are new to Indian Prairie School District 204 or Existing Rental Groups who need different or additional facilities, days of the week or times than what their group was approved for during the previous school year (2022-2023).

    •  Friday, August 11, 2023

    Spring Athletic Fields

    • Friday, February 9, 2024

    • Applications received from a Rental Group with an outstanding balance will not be processed until their account is paid in full. We may ask you to pay in advance for future bookings.
    • Applications will be processed by category, after the category has closed.
    • Applications received after the Category Deadline date will be processed after all other applications received by their appropriate deadline.
    • Please bear in mind, due to the high volume of applications received during this time period, and personnel summer hours, processing may take longer than typical.

    ***BEFORE completing any application, please review NO RENT DATES below and ensure you are aware, familiar, compliant, and in agreement with all current Building Use Guidelines.

    Use this Calendar Link to research availability of Gyms or to verify status of an existing Rental Reservation in a GYM. In the Calendar, select DAILY LIST and sort-by LOCATION for the dates you are researching.

    If you are looking for YOUR reservation, then sort-by GROUP.

    BEFORE completing any application, please review NO RENT DATES in the dropdown below by clicking here.

    Lined thru listing indicates the date time was booked earlier and has been canceled. Review other listed events to see if the date/time has been re-booked by another organization.

    1. Gyms in Brookdale, Cowlishaw, and Patterson are seldom available.

    2. Any Gym is NOT AVAILABLE when:

    •  It is already booked to another renter.
      "Confirmed" status means it is booked.
      "Tentative" means it has been requested but not yet Confirmed to renter.
    •  Gym-Date in requested building is titled NO RENT DAY
      (see list below of 2022-23 NO RENT dates below)
    • School-wide events may not be shown in this View: concert, graduation, open house, etc.
      (Check the school's online calendar at their website for this info.)

    3. If gym appears to be available: submit an Application to District Office, or...

    4. If you already have an open Reservation (permit), email with ALL required details: Your RESERVATION Number, School, specify Gym, Date(s), Access-time, Start-Time, End-time, activity and estimated attendance. Request addition to your open permit.

    Missing information will prevent processing your request. Confirmations will go to the Permit Owner.

    Allow 7 working days to process your request.

    Email requests for add/cancel/change are only accepted from the owner of the open Permit. The Permit owner will receive a CONFIRMATION email if and when the request has been accepted.

  • NO RENT DATES for 2023-24 Dropdown (Click)