• Residency and the Residency Verification Process

    When a child is registering in District 204 for the first time, a parent or guardian must provide proof of identity and age by providing one of the following documents: 

    • original or certified copy of a birth certificate (which will be copied and original returned to parent or guardian),  
    • valid passport, or  
    • other record recognized by a court of law.

    In addition, the parent or guardian must provide disease immunization records as required by state law, the required physical examination signed by the student’s physician, vision examination, and dental examination.   

    Proof of residency is required for all new students and whenever a change of address occurs.  

    Additionally, residency verification is conducted on a yearly basis for all District 204 students. For the yearly verification, the district utilizes a 3rd party vendor to verify residency. If a family’s residency cannot be verified by the 3rd party vendor, then the family is required to provide the required number of documents from each of the following categories.  

  • Category I (One document required) 

    Property tax bill and/or proof of payment, e.g., canceled check or Form 1098 (homeowners) 
    Mortgage papers (homeowners) 
    Signed and dated lease and/or proof of last month’s payment, e.g., canceled check or receipts (renters) 
    Letter from manager and/or proof of last month’s payment, e.g., canceled check or receipt (trailer park residents) 
    Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7:60-AP2, E1) 

  • Category II (Two documents showing proper address are required) 

    Driver’s license 
    Vehicle registration 
    Voter registration 
    Most recent cable television and/or credit card bill 
    Current bank statement 
    Current public aid card 
    Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipt 
    Most recent gas, electric, and/or water bill 
    Current library card (must include resident’s address) 
    Receipt for moving van rental 

  • If you are unable to provide the documents listed above, you may propose and provide other documents for the School District’s consideration. Please note that the School District reserves the right to evaluate the documents presented; merely providing the documents does not guarantee admission.

    The building principal or designee is responsible for collecting this information before enrollment. If you have questions about these documents or other registration and enrollment procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the school office or the IPSD 204 Crouse Education Center at residency@ipsd.org.

    Updated for '24-'25