Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2021

Reported by on 4/27/21

This semester’s final exams will look different than past years. While the style and format will vary per class, our goal is to provide a summative experience for our students that assesses their understanding of content and development of skills throughout the semester.

Final exams will take place Tuesday, June 1st -Friday, June 4th. Teachers will communicate with their students about the style and format of the summative experience, as it will vary by class. If a student is ill on the day of the exam, parents should report the absence to the Class House and make contact with the teacher to schedule a make-up exam.

Students will follow their current block schedule and take final exams for each period on the day designated below. There will be two final exams every day this week, and students will attend their other class periods each day, in addition to taking their finals. For example, on Tuesday, 6/1, students will take their final exams for periods 1 and 2 and then attend periods 3 and 4.

Tuesday, June 1st
1st Period Exam - 7:25-8:35am
2nd Period Exam - 8:40-9:50am
3rd Period Class - 9:55-11:05am
4th Period Class - 11:10-12:20pm

Wednesday, June 2nd
5th Period Exam - 7:25-8:35am
6th Period Exam - 8:40-9:50am
7th Period Class - 9:55-11:05am
8th Period Class - 11:10-12:20pm

Thursday, June 3rd
1st Period Class - 7:25-8:35am
2nd Period Class - 8:40-9:50am
3rd Period Exam - 9:55-11:05am
4th Period Exam - 11:10-12:20pm

Friday, June 4th
5thPeriod Class - 7:25-8:35am
6th Period Class - 8:40-9:50am
7th Period Exam - 9:55-11:05am
8th Period Exam - 11:10-12:20pm