• Special Needs Transportation Info

    Indian Prairie School District and First Student are committed to providing the safest, friendliest and most efficient student transportation services to our students. All drivers and monitors work directly for First Student. The routing and scheduling of buses as well direct oversight of First Student management are the responsibility of the District’s Department of Support Operations. 

    What are the responsibilities of the Bus Driver and/or Monitor?

    • Ensure safe loading and unloading of student with special needs.
      • The stop arm and flashers must always be used when loading and unloading students.(625 ILCS 5/11-1414; Illinois Vehicle Code)
    • Secure seat belts, wheelchairs, and car seats as the law provides.
      • Wheelchairs: Set the chair brakes and, whenever possible, use a four-point tie-down system to secure the wheelchair and the student. The tie-down system should include lap belt, shoulder strap(s), and/or wheelchair tie downs as appropriate. Whenever there is doubt, consult with your student’s physical or occupational therapist or special education specialist.
        • Load only one wheelchair student at time so not one is ever left unattended.
    • Maintain discipline, ensuring students are safe, and that they remain in their seats.  Share any difficulties regarding these considerations with the student’s teacher.
    • Require all information received regarding student transportation changes is in writing from the District and not just given verbally. (Requests are communicated via parent to school staff).
    • Understand and be able to implement the bus evacuation plan considering the individual capabilities and needs of each student.
    • Have a general knowledge about the development of special needs students you transport.
    • Understand and utilize age-appropriate physical handling, communication, and behavior management of the students you transport.
    • Administer and seek emergency medical help when needed.
    • Establish communication and interact with parents.
    • Aides are instructed not to go to the door of the student’s home or upstairs with students. Someone designated by the family must meet the child at the bus.

    What are the parents' responsibilities at pick up time? 

    • In order to stay on time for all students on the route, buses are generally unable to wait at a stop. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your child fully clothed and ready at the pick-up location 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.
    • Drivers and Monitors are not responsible nor allowed to dress, groom or feed your child.
    • Students still in the process of being toilet trained should be toileted just before boarding the bus. The ride to school may take up to one hour and drivers are not permitted to stop. Do not allow your child to board the bus with soiled clothing.
    • Do not allow your child to board the bus with any food either in their hands or in their mouth.
    • Ensure that a parent/guardian or authorized adult is present to accompany your child to the bus.
    • If your child has not ridden for more than 3 days, without notification, the bus will stop coming until you call First Student to restart your child's transportation service. (630-978-3284)
    • If your child is not riding, please notify First Student as soon as practical.
    • All changes to student health must be reported to the School Nurse to ensure appropriate accommodations are made both in the school and on the bus.

    What is the parents' responsibility at drop-off time? 

    Parent/guardian or authorized adult should be at the stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to drop your child off. All requests for an alternate adult to receive students MUST be in writing and on file with the school. 

    • If on rare, emergency occasions a parent/guardian or authorized adult is unable to be at the stop to meet the bus, please immediately notify the school to make arrangements for another authorized adult to receive your student.
    • If the bus does not arrive within 15 minutes of the stop time, First Student or the school should be contacted.
    • Students who are not met will be taken back to school if the school is still open, otherwise the student will be taken to the Police Station and Child Protective Services may be called.
    • First Student can be reached at: (630) 978-3284.

    On-Board Equipment

    The Department of Support Operations receives all special needs accommodation requests via your child’s IEP.  If transportation staff feels that the accommodations/equipment are not appropriate to ensure safe transport, the Student Services staff will be alerted so they may review the student’s IEP. 


    Communication is a critical component of our operation and further ensures safe and reliable transport for your student. If any changes need to occur in your child's transportation needs please contact your school directly.  Changes for pickup/drop-off location may take up to 5 days and generally go into effect on Monday of each week. 

    Quality Assurance

    IPSD 204 and First Student continue to focus on Special Needs transportation operations.  Regular audits of all special needs bus routes are executed throughout the year. The goal is to confirm that the employees of First Student are properly trained with a strong focus on managing and manipulating Special Needs equipment. The audits reflect a systematic approach that ensures all students are treated with dignity and respect. 

    The Support Operations Department