Introduction to Proposed Limiting Rate Referendum

  • Why is Indian Prairie School District 204 considering placing a limiting rate referendum on the November 2024 ballot?

  • Would the proposed referendum require a net tax rate increase?

  • Unlike a bond referendum, does a limiting rate referendum allow for funding both facility and operating needs?

  • Which students and schools would benefit from the proposed limiting rate increase?

  • When was the last time voters approved funding for capital facility improvements?

  • How has the District done its homework?

  • When will the Board of Education make a final decision regarding the referendum?

Financing Plan - Eliminates Need for Net Tax Rate Increase

  • What is the math behind the “no net tax rate increase”?

  • How much revenue would the 37-cent per $100 of EAV limiting rate generate?

Anticipated Benefits

  • What are the anticipated benefits of the proposed improvements?

Facility Needs & Proposed Improvements

  • How many school buildings are in IPSD 204?

  • How old are the District’s school buildings?

  • Has the District properly maintained its school buildings?

  • What specific capital facility improvements would be addressed?

  • Are some IPSD 204 schools in worse condition than others?

  • Would any new schools be built using the proceeds from the limiting rate referendum?

  • Does the proposed plan include closing any schools?

  • Would the proposed improvements address the need for elementary instructional space on the north side of the District?

Operating Needs & Proposed Solutions

  • What is the average class size at IPSD 204?

  • Do peer districts like Naperville 203 have a lower pupil-to-counselor ratio?

  • How does the District’s operating expense per pupil compare to that of other peer districts?

  • What specific operating needs would be addressed by the proposed limiting rate referendum?

Oversight & Opportunities To Provide Feedback

  • If the referendum is approved, would facility improvement updates be provided?

  • How can District residents provide input on the funding proposal?