• Physical Education Participation

    Per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, participation in a physical education program can provide development of motor skills, knowledge, and options for lifetime physical activity and fitness practices.  Benefits can include improvement in academic performance with increased on-task behavior in class.

    On occasion, a student is not able to participate in physical education.  This may be due to a medical reason or a religious prohibition.  In order to be excused from physical education class, a student must present a written excuse from his/her parent/guardian.  If the excuse is due to a medical reason, the written statement must be signed by a physician and should include the reason for the request and the duration of time needed for the exclusion from class.  

    An excuse based on a religious reason, must include a signed statement from a member of the clergy that corroborates the religious reason for the request.  During a period of religious fasting, a written note from a parent/guardian will provide sufficient documentation.

    Board of Education Policy 7:260 Exemption from Physical Activity