• Medication at School

    Students should only take medication during school hours or during school-related activities if it is necessary for a student's health and well-being.  When it is determined to be necessary, there are two documents which need to be supplied to the school health office prior to the dispensing of any medication.  Both a signed parent permission form and the Authorization for Administration of Medication in School by School Personnel Form are required. 

    Medication is to be presented to the health office in a properly labeled pharmaceutical container.  The label must state the student's name, the name of the medication, the current dosage, the route of administration, and the time or intervals of administration.  The dosage on the container must match the dosage on the medical orders.  

    A student may carry and self-administer rescue medication as outlined in the District's policy.  Medication may not be shared with other students.

    Board of Education Policy 7:270 Administering Medicines to Students