• Emergency Action Plans

    Student emergency action plans guide our health care team to provide quality health care in our schools, account for student safety, and protect a student’s rights while reducing any health barriers to the learning environment.  These plans facilitate communication between the student’s family, outside health care providers, teachers, administrators, and the school’s health care team to ensure that the student's access to the classroom is maximized in a safe environment.  The plan defines the criteria of an emergency for a given diagnosis and allows treatment protocols to be formally established.  It is helpful for our Registered Nurses and Licensed School Nurses to receive any plans from physicians prior to the start of the school year or as soon as possible after a physician has made a change to an emergency response plan, so our staff has time to review and clarify the information.

    The following are some emergency action plan templates for your physician’s consideration. 

    Asthma Action Plan (CDC)

    Diabetes Medical Management Plan

    Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (FARE)

    Seizure Action Plan (Epilepsy Foundation)